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                      Easter is Sunday April 24th! 


Why an Easter bunny? 

Bunnies are one of the first things to reproduce in the new year, which reminds me of the rebirth of Jesus, which is a great reason to celebrate! 


I love Easter, it makes me think of new life, which here means new kits and warmer weather!

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Early Spring?         

             The groundhog says so!!

                                           We hope SO!







March 20th is the first day of spring! Lets hope the spring flowers gets here first!

              Holland Lops and Lionheads


We are a rabbitry where both parents and all 4 of the kids are involved. Raising rabbits take a lot of time and it is a group effort, here.  We all have our favorite colors and rabbits!

 Lionheads will always be our favorite breed, however we are  starting a small herd of Holland Lops!

Please be patient with us it may be a while before we offer any Holland lops for sale.

However we can refer you to a few nice breeders.  We will be keeping our holland lop herd small, but they are all pedigreed and carrying some very nice lines!                   

If we do not have a rabbit that you are looking for or we are to far away from you we will be glad to refer you to a breeder closer to you or one that may have bunnies you will be interested in. 



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